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Game design / dodgeball action/adventure [working title: Skull Helmet]
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:24:43 AM »
Skull Helmet
A young man open his eyes, he's now awake. It's rain, he can feel gentle drops tickles his face as he watch the sky.
He hasn't memories from his past... just a basic conscious of being, and, existence of things around him. He's watching the sky laying inside a open coffin placed in a open grave. "There's still something missing" he thought, he lowered his gaze: his crossed hands on his chest is holding something.

We control our hero (Ethan) in a 3D world but from a fixed view from above. Ethan wander in a closed field surrounded by enemies; his only weapon is a skull which (usually) he wears as helmet. The skull is magic, but it's power works only when it's cast in air so Ethan can't use it to cudgel while holding it. Each time the skull is thrown need to be re-collected from the ground: only one ammo, no inventory. The level is completed when all enemies are killed and so our hero can access to the next one.

Skull Helmet ~ game concept

Game design / Feline jump&run problem solving [working title: MRNeko
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:21:50 AM »
Maneka Renai Neko [招かれない猫]

Walking sword


We see our knight (armor, sword and shield) from back. He's not in the middle of the screen, but slightly at left (so we have full sight in the middle)

Our knight is partially covered by a virtual d-pad (up, down, left and right buttons). But we don't control directly the steps of our hero (which will simply auto walk forward)

Hero can walk slow or fast.. but always forward. The direction of our d-pad are used to control knight "stance"
--- LEFT Knight ready his shield and put aside sword: he has now more defence but can't swing with his sword. =DEF -ATK
--- RIGHT Knight ready his sword: now he can swing with his sword faster but can't parry with shield -DEF =ATK

--- UP: Knight walks fast forward, bent forward almost running.
-----UP-LEFT (walks fast with shield ready): he can push back some enemies, sometime has chance to hit enemy with shield (rare, but happen) +DEF* --ATK
-----UP-RIGH (walks fast with sword ready): berserker mode... now hit enemies with sword deliver LOT more of pain. But defence is nearly non-existent. --DEF ++ATK

---DOWN Knight walks very slowly
-----DOWN-LEFT (walks slow with shield ready): He's able to avoid hit and parry with shield nearly always ++DEF -ATK
-----DOWN-RIGHT (walk slow with sword ready): Sometime parry with sword -DEF +ATK*

-ATK, -DEF: ATK and DEF decreased slightly
--ATK, --DEF: ATK and DEF decreased greatly
+ATK, +DEF: ATK and DEF increased slightly
++ATK, +DEF: ATK and DEF increased greatly
=ATK, =DEF: ATK and DEF act normal

Game design / Vertical Platformer [working title: Dungeon Fall]
« on: September 13, 2013, 09:17:15 AM »

Rosame wasn't the kind of adventurer, nor she would have ever though one day she would pick other people's properties without asking them first: but you know, it's said that when famine hits the whole kingdom, most heals from starving are unlawful.
Rosame wasn't never ever confident with her own inner or outer beauty: that's why she'd become a thief; but she also got her own way to make things clean.
In lands ravaged by famine what possible rich being she could pickpocket? Her first though were about the dead ones: descend into the depths of the catacombs it seemed a smart choice for her.

The poor Rosame.

We control Rosame at her descent on what she think is a catacomb; as soon she enter the dungeon the ceiling fall down... but she manage to survive jumping down in a hole. Once she get on the lower room the ground above her crumble under the weight of the ceiling. Another hole in the ground is her new exist... and so go on until she doesn't reach a special hall (end level) where's she safe from the collapse... but still trapped in the dungeon. So, her only way to escape is yet again to descent to the next underground level... which mean she will run again and again for each Hall until she's able to find a definitive way out of the dungeon.
The game is a 2D sidescroller (descending from top to below). It's all about falling down since Rosame can't climb up... nor can stand still too much time on a single platform (the ceilings are falling like dominoes). [continue]

Intro animation:
[entrace of the dungeon. screen as tremor]
[A portai of Rosame appear on screen, she's thinking (text on screen)]
What the...
The cave is collapsing! So I guess I must've triggered some sort of thieves trap. Too late for the exit gate, that crack on ground is my only hope: for all or nothing.

title, menu and options.

Game design / RTS fantasy game
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:36:53 PM »
Title: [not defined]
Game type: RTS with RPG elements
Genre: fantasy

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